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We look forward to returning to in-person events,
whenever we can safely gather together!

ISACS Professional Development Team

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To access our most recently recorded presentations, which are still available, please visit our ICYMI Webinars webpage for a full listing and more information.

Conferences & Workshops

photo conference hall from 2018 conference

Conferences and workshops combine theory with practical applications to support exceptional teaching, learning and leadership. Events address major topics, such as addressing current challenges and opportunities in all aspects of teaching and learning, designing leading-edge curriculum, exploring best practices for those serving in any role, or developing current and aspiring leaders, often led by leading national or international experts.

Hallmark conference experiences include the Annual Conference, the Heads Conference, the New Teacher Institute, the Academy for Division Heads, the New Leaders Academy, the ISACS Diversity Summit, and the Leadership Academy. These reoccurring events are complemented by new offerings designed to address the changing needs in our schools.

Workshops are generally one-day or two-day experiences offered to develop new skills, hear new research and consider the most current trends in education. Workshop participants also have the opportunity to interact with educational leaders and network with independent school colleagues. For 2022-23, ISACS will offer workshops in downtown Chicago in the enhanced ISACS Classroom or at local hotel/conference locations. Check the ISACS website for updates on workshop and conference locations.

2022-23 Conferences & Workshops

For 2022-23, ISACS will be offering in-person events in addition to our robust virtual programming. Continue to check the website for updates.

This year’s offerings include virtual and in-person events: 

  • 2022 New Leaders Academy (Virtual) a two-day virtual program for new leaders in independent schools, July 20-21, 2022.  Details on a 2023 New Leaders Academy will be forthcoming.
  • 2022 New Teacher Institute (Virtual) a three-day virtual program for new teachers in independent schools, July 27-29, 2022.Details on a 2023 New Teacher Institute will be forthcoming.
  • 2022-23 New Heads Network (Virtual & in-person) a year long program which supports heads in their first two years of headship.
  • One-day workshops (In-person) on important topics will be held at the ISACS Classroom in downtown Chicago. Details on the one-day workshops is forthcoming.
  • 2022-23 Trustee Series (Virtual) 11 one-hour trustee-related webinar series on important governance issues. Recordings available until July 31, 2023 unless otherwise noted. REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL TODAY!
  • 2022-23 Parent Series Webinars (Virtual) an evening series of 6 one-hour webinars to help parents support children beyond the school experience. Recordings available until May 31, 2023 unless otherwise noted. REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL TODAY!
  • 2023 Heads Conference (In-person) will held Thursday, January 26 – Friday, January 27 in Chicago at the Swissotel. Details are forthcoming!
  • 2023 Academy for Division Heads (In-person) Two-day Academy on February 9-10 in downtown Chicago. Details are forthcoming!
  • 2023 Leadership Academy (In-person) - June 2023 - dates to be determined. In partnership with Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Non-Profit Management - Downtown Chicago. Details are forthcoming!

If you are unable to attend in person, ISACS will continue to offer one-hour webinars for faculty and administrators on a variety of topics:

Please continue to  visit the ISACS website for additional updates regarding 2022-23 conferences and workshops, and visit the Future Dates webpage for upcoming Annual Conference, Heads Conference dates & details.