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The Value of Accreditation

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What do our member schools value about ISACS accreditation? They tell us that the process:

  • Ensures that time is regularly set aside for reflection and planning about every aspect of school operation.
  • Solicits input from all school employees and key stakeholders to affirm the school's strengths, acknowledge challenges, and establish priorities for school improvement.
  • Provides a thoughtful mechanism for onsite peer reviewers to assess the school's current status, evaluate adherence to membership standards, and make recommendations for school improvement. 
  • Highlights institutional health rather than individual performance.
  • Offers school leaders  a wealth of information essential for strategic planning.
  • Provides external validation of school quality that enhances credibility with prospective families, employees, and the community at large. 
  • Demonstrates the school’s desire to be held professionally accountable and highlights its role within the world of independent school education.
  • Furnishes the additional benefit of a first-rate professional development experience for ISACS peers on the visiting team.

ACcreditation provides a rigorous, transparent, collaborative process to reflect on mission, goals, and achievements and set new goals. It demonstrates to all constituents that as an educational institution we take learning and growth seriously and it is not a task merely relegated to students.

ISACS Head of School