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Standards for Membership

ISACS Standards for Membership, 20th edition (Download PDF)

Because of the diversity in ISACS member schools and the corresponding variation in mission, program, procedures, and style, these standards have been developed to focus on elements that should be common to all independent schools. The following list of standards for membership has been developed, and reviewed periodically, to describe the kind of school that ISACS believes it can serve and that, in turn, can benefit from the ISACS network and services. ISACS does not suggest that the only good schools are those that meet its standards, but ISACS does hold that its standards describe the type of school represented in its membership.

Among these tenets is the commitment to the highest possible quality in a school’s program and the learning and teaching integral to it. Of equal importance is the recognition of, and respect for, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The ultimate test of a school’s quality is the measure of how well the school creates its educational community as represented by the degree of congruence between the school’s mission and program, as well as between its purposes and results. Accreditation by ISACS assures the public that these standards have been met, that the school’s success in meeting these standards is periodically reviewed, and that the school remains focused on improvement.

ISACS member schools are expected to be in compliance with each standard.  If a school finds itself in non-compliance with a standard, or a part thereof, it must explain the circumstances and provide the rationale for its non-compliance.

ISACS Standards for Membership