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Independent schools throughout the country use the comprehensive ISACS School Community Survey for self-evaluation purposes, strategic planning, and/or marketing research. With more than 500,000 surveys in its database, ISACS offers one of the country's best resources for benchmarking data on virtually every element of a school's operations. In addition to benchmarking, the ISACS School Community Survey includes internal constituent group comparisons, statistical analysis, and graphical reports. To order, complete the school community survey order form
The ISACS Tracking Survey
Do you want to identify trends over time in constituent perceptions and areas targeted for improvement? If your school has used the comprehensive school community survey within the past five years, you may qualify to use the streamlined Tracking Survey. To do so, complete the tracking survey order form.
Consult the SCHOOL SURVEY TOOLKIT for a wealth of resources for the ISACS School Community Survey and the Tracking Survey. Contact Dawn Klus via email or phone if you have questions about your use of the ISACS surveys.