Accreditation Essentials

Membership and Accreditation Guide. The Guide offers direction to schools that are beginning the self-study process and provides instruction, background information, and procedures for visiting team leaders and members. The 20th edition of the Guide, for use through during the period 2020-2024, is available as a PDF and a Google Doc.

Standards for Membership.  Accreditation by ISACS assures the public that the Standards for Membership have been met and that the school’s success in meeting these standards is periodically reviewed. Among the diversity of its member schools, ISACS recognizes that these elements should be common to all independent schools. 

ISACS School Community Survey. Independent schools nationally and internationally use the ISACS School Community Survey for evaluation purposes, strategic planning, and marketing research. With more than 100,000 surveys in its database, ISACS offers the country’s best resource for comparing data on nearly every element of a school’s operations.

Accreditation Review Committee. The Accreditation Review Committee (ARC) is a standing committee appointed by the ISACS Board of Trustees. Among other responsibilities, the ARC reviews all accreditation reports and recommends action to the Board of Trustees. ARC members are typically school heads and other administrators with extensive accreditation experience.