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ISACS New Member Brochure
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ISACS Annual Conference Brochure

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ISACS Professional Development Series 2019-2020

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Benefits of Membership

ISACS accreditation services ensure that schools meet ISACS standards, guide schools through a process of self-reflection, examine the fit between a school's stated mission and actual program implementation, and establish a thorough process for school improvement.
ISACS provides a wide variety of professional development programs for our membership. Administrators and teachers consistently rate our conferences -- including the Annual Conference, Heads Conference, Leadership Academy in Partnership with the Kellogg School of Management Center for Nonprofit Management, and New Teacher Institute -- as defining professional experiences. We also offer topic-specific workshops and convenient webinars.
In addition to these benefits, ISACS staff members provide facilitated conversations with member schools on topics of governance, accreditation, and other areas. Members also have access to the National Association of Independent Schools’ DASL tool for data reporting and benchmarking; monthly bulletins from the ISACS Executive Director to member school heads including trends, recommended reading, and coming events; and the ISACS Career Center.
Membership Types