Being an ISACS Board Member

Like governing bodies of most nonprofit organizations, the ISACS Board is responsible for providing for the long-term well being of the organization by setting its strategic direction, overseeing its financial health, and hiring and supporting its executive director. The Board makes major decisions through a process of committee recommendation and vote, including determining accreditation status of member schools. Because ISACS is a member association, the Board takes trustee nominations, changes in accreditation standards, and bylaws revisions to the members for vote at an annual meeting.
The ISACS Board is composed of heads, other administrators, teachers, and trustees from member schools. Board members serve up to two three-year terms. An effort is made to represent as many member schools as possible across the board and committee structure. 

If you have any questions,
please contact Paul Johns,
ISACS Accreditation &
Executive Coordinator, 
or call the ISACS office at
(312) 750-1190.