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ISACS 2022-23
Event Calendar

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Lead Learner Community

The ISACS community of Lead Learners is a new opportunity for teachers to grow, share, and drive excellence across ISACS member schools.

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An open forum, the network of Lead Learners connects designated Lead Learners across ISACS schools, inspiring and energizing, collectively sharing ideas, disseminating knowledge, growing skills and, together, lifting each of our schools to a higher level.  Each ISACS school nominates one or more committed and motivated teacher volunteers to represent their school in this forum. 

The Four Pillars of Lead Learners


Topics and direction of discussion within the forum are totally driven by Lead Learners.  We’ll virtually meet throughout the school year, and gather in-person at the Annual Conference with ISACS moderators, to discuss topics of importance to the group.

Why become a Lead Learner?
Within many of our classrooms, departments, schools, and communities there is often limited opportunity for cross-sharing of ideas, problem solving, novel (or revolutionary!) program development, or innovative teaching approaches or tools. 

Sound Interesting?

Lead Learner Info Sheet


Now that your Lead Learner is identified

  • Have your Lead Learner join a virtual Town Hall on Tuesday, October 11, 3:00 – 4:00 pm/4:00 – 5:00 pm eastern time where Lead Learners will meet from across the region and begin conversation about the hot topics in your school and in your own professional journey. This session will be facilitated by the teacher leaders who make up the ISACS Professional Services Committee.
  • Join your colleagues at the ISACS Annual Conference in St. Paul MN on November 3-4 when Lead Learners will gather in person for the first time at 1:30-2:45 pm on Friday, November 4, to begin building meaningful agendas for future conversations. During online registration, select to attend the F-61 Idea Exchange for New ISACS Lead Learners session. Register today! Registration and hotel accommodations must be made by October 12.

If you have been identified as a Lead Learner and need additional information about the 10/11/22 virtual presentation, the Annual Conference or upcoming events for Lead Learners email