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Finance & Operations Resources Archive

Business Operations

By the numbers and beyond: Independent school business operations. NBOA, 2015.
• Wilson, D. Summer melt: Legal considerations. NAIS website (password required), 6/05/14.

Campus Safety & Security

• Burnett, J., & McGovern, M. School safety outlook. NAIS Trendbook, 2013-2014.
• Hulbert, J. Crisis communications guidelines for independent schools. NAIS, 5/09/08. (NAIS password required)
• Schwartz, S.G. The strategy for safety: Preventing crises through safety audits. Independent School, NAIS, winter 2013.

Facilities & Classroom Design

• Clayton, M. Classroom spaces that work. Center for Responsive Schools, 2001.
• OWPP /Cannon Design et. al. The third teacher: 79 ways you can use design to transform teaching & learning. Abrams Books, 2010.
• Phillips, M. A place for learning: The physical environment of classrooms. Edutopia, 8/05/14.
• Schafer, L. Old school? Giving teachers a voice in designing the learning environments of the 21st Century. Usable Knowledge, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 5/24/16.
• Wilson, D. The ADA and independent schools. NAIS website (password required) 6/13/15.

Faculty Compensation

• Bassett, P., with update from Shahan, K. Tuition remission. ISACS, February, 2014.
• Davis, D. Independent schools’ next top model: Changing perspectives on faculty compensation. Net Assets, NBOA. 1/06/17.
• Littleford, J. Faculty compensation.

Financial Models

• Farber, J. The independent school financial model is broken: Here's how we fix it. Independent School, NAIS, fall 2012.
How to think about mergers and collaborations (with Nadya Shmavonian) Joan Garry Podcast, Episode 63.
• Proctor, A.J. Linking mission to money: Finance for nonprofit leaders, 2nd ed. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011.
• Stacy, C. Beyond the dashboard: Financial sustainabilty heat map. Net Assets, NBOA, 2016.


• Broadwater, H. International student homestays: Panacea or Pandora's Box? NBOA, 7/14/15.

Human Resources

• Bassett, P., with update from Shahan, K. Job descriptions for administrators in independent schools. ISACS, January 2014.
New requirements for employers' background checks and social security number usage. Schulte, Roth & Zabel,12/02/12. (Addresses new Federal requirements; check with counsel for state requirements.)
• Pass, C., Lee, G., & Broadwater, H., Venable LLC. The independent school guide to employee handbooks. NAIS,
6/30/08. (PDF for purchase)
• Shields, J. Be prepared for new over-time rules. NBOA blog, 5/17/16; and Final rule: Overtime. U.S. Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division.

International Travel

• Miller, P., et. al. As schools expand study abroad programs, focus turns to risk assessment. Independent School Magazine Blog, NAIS, 8/13/15.

Tuition & Financial Aid

• Davis, D. Automatic re-enrollment: 'Til graduation do we part. Net Assets, NBOA, November/December 2015. (NBOA password required)


• NAIS talking points: Independent schools and vouchers. NAIS, 2002. (NAIS password required)
Educational opportunity initiatives: Considerations for independent schools. NAIS. (NAIS password required)