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The New Heads Network (NHN) is dedicated to your success. The program provides professional development and personal support for heads of school in their first two years of headship. The New Heads Network primarily serves ISACS member schools.


  • Heads in their first two years of headship
  • Heads with prior headship experience, who are new to their current school and/or new to ISACS
  • Interim Heads
  • Heads Elect
  • Heads who participated in the ISACS 2019-20 New Heads Network may participate in the 90-minute monthly sessions at no charge. Participation in the coaching program for 2019-20 NHN participants will include an additional fee. Please see Registration Fees below for more details.

NHN is a virtual program for 2020-21. The program will begin in September 2020 and continue through June 2021, and include nine, 90-minute Zoom meetings and nine, monthly 30-minute coaching sessions with the exception of December 2020.

New Heads Network Faculty


  • $525 for ISACS members and includes the following:
    • Nine, 90-minute virtual group meetings
    • Nine, 30-minute coaching sessions
    • Please review the Registration Confirmation information below.
  • For 2019-20 NHN Participants interested, the fees are as follows:
    • Option 1: Complimentary Registration to participate in the nine, 90-minute Zoom presentations
    • Option 2: Complimentary Registration to participate in the nine, 90- minute Zoom presentations AND $200 registration fee for nine, 30-minute coaching sessions
    • Please contact Karen Zeitlin, Director of Programs at karen@isacs.org for a coupon code before registering.
  • For NAIS/INH Participants:
    • If you participated in the July 2020 NAIS Institute for New Heads (INH) or deferred your participation until July 2021, please contact Karen Zeitlin at karen@isacs.org prior to registering for the ISACS New Heads Network.


  • Once registration is complete, a confirmation email will automatically be sent to the contact person.
  • Approximately one week prior to each Zoom meeting, ISACS will send an Outlook Meeting Request to the registrant (and cc: the head’s assistant if applicable) with details including Zoom links.
  • One day prior to the Academy, ISACS will send a final confirmation email to the registrant with details including Zoom links.
  • Monthly, ISACS will send an email with a link to Calendly to set up monthly coaching sessions with either Mary Menacho or Lou Salza.

If you do not receive these emails prior to the New Heads Network, please contact Karen Zeitlin at karen@isacs.org. It is possible your email address was entered incorrectly OR your registration was not completed.

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Cancellation Policy for Virtual Programming
No refunds will be provided for the 2020-21 New Heads Network.    

Questions? Contact Karen Zeitlin, Director of Programs at karen@isacs.org.