Teacher Representatives


ISACS was founded through the merger of a teachers organization and a heads organization with a commitment to elevate and include teachers as valued participants in ISACS governance, committee structures, and professional growth experiences. Membership in ISACS includes the expectation that each ISACS school will formally identify at least one ISACS teacher representative. 

The teacher representative is called upon to consult with the head of school whenever a member-school vote is to be cast, including the election of trustees and officers and changes in accreditation standards and association bylaws. The teacher representative serves as a disseminator of information to faculty and staff colleagues about ISACS programs and is expected to attend the ISACS Annual Conference through support from the member school. Teacher representatives participate in a state-level Teacher Services Committee (TSC) in the states where such a committee exists. Generally, ISACS Reps serve a term of three years.

The ISACS Professional Services Committee (PSC) serves as a resource to ISACS in identifying and supporting best-practices in professional development at the regional, state and school level.  PSC members should also serve as teacher representatives whenever possible and may also participate as teacher leaders on state Teacher Services Committees.

Expectations of the ISACS Teacher Representative include:

  • Embracing, and modeling for peers, the commitment to professional development and life-long learning;
  • Serving as the key contact at the school level for professional development matters and assuming a leadership role in professional development activities for faculty;
  • Representing the school through attendance at the ISACS Annual Conference;
  • Using and directing colleagues to resources on the ISACS website.

Serving as the ISACS Rep provides valuable leadership opportunities for the teacher leader which has significant benefits for the school while also contributing to ISACS and exemplary teaching/learning in independent schools.

"The Role and Responsibilities of the ISACS Teacher Rep" with Jill Webb, Director of Professional Development

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