Visiting Team Leaders

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Visiting team leaders must understand and confirm three fundamental concepts

  • The school is in compliance with the ISACS Standards for Membership;
  • The school has demonstrated that it meets the disclosure and congruence requirements, expectations, and principles; and
  • The school made an appropriate study of its strengths and challenges in all areas and identified plans and priorities for improvement.

Visiting team leader preparation

  • The practical experience of having served on several visiting teams as a member.
  • Having undergone a self-study and accreditation visit at his or her school.
  • Having attended the required visiting team leader training at the heads conference. In addition to delivering the necessary information, these sessions also provide some opportunity to share ideas with and learn from experienced evaluators and visiting team leaders.
  • Reading and assimilating the ISACS Membership and Accreditation Guide, including the visiting team leader section.
  • Serving as a co-chair of a team led by an experienced leader. The co-chair takes full part in the visit and usually assists the visiting team leader in handling some meetings and editing some of the reports. Along with these specific tasks, the co-chair has an ideal opportunity to observe someone else’s organization, orientation of the team, leadership, and reporting before taking on the full responsibility for chairing a team.
  • First-time chairs can also count on the full support of the ISACS staff.