What's New at ISACS

New ISACS Staff
Mary Menacho head shot

ISACS is pleased to welcome two staff members:

While not new to ISACS, Mary Menacho started full time as Executive Director on July 1, 2020 after serving in a part-time capacity while completing her term as Interim Executive Director of the California Association of Independent Schools.

Paul Johns head shot

Paul Johns joined ISACS as Administrative Assistant in March. Prior to joining ISACS, he was a teacher for 20 years on four different continents teaching World History, Government & Politics, Global Affairs, and AP Psychology including seven years at an ISACS school in Chicago.
He has two children currently attending ISACS schools. Originally from the United Kingdom, Paul is an avid soccer player, coach, and referee.


ISACS Partners with Google for Education & Educational Collaborators
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ISACS Partners with Google for Education & Educational Collaborators

We are excited to announce that ISACS will be participating in the 2020 Google for Education services offer. This offer provides free services from a trusted Google for Education partner to member schools who purchase Chromebooks and Chrome Education Upgrade. If you are already planning to purchase Chromebooks for your school, this is a very easy way to take advantage of services that support your implementation. Due to size, most schools do not qualify for free services from Google. The good news is that Google will now allow all ISACS schools to submit their proof of purchases and be combined under the ISACS umbrella as one entity – which could qualify them for free trainings through ISACS. Read below for the details.

How it works

1.  All Chromebook purchases between June 15, 2020 - August, 15, 2020 are eligible for the promotion. Be sure to make your purchases between these dates. Purchases from any device seller are eligible. 

2.  Once your purchase is made, submit your proof of purchase (invoice or purchase order) via this form.

3.  ISACS will work with Google for Education and Educational Collaborators, our selected service partner, to schedule trainings in which your school can participate.

ISACS will be able to host free trainings for our member schools based on the number of purchases documented by our member schools. The more purchases documented, the more services we can extend to our member schools at no charge to the schools.

Service Details
We have selected to work with Educational Collaborators to coordinate professional development services for our educators. Once all Chromebook purchases have been submitted between June 15 – August 15, 2020, ISACS will share all information related to the available trainings.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Zeitlin or Alex Inman. 

Thank you,

Karen Zeitlin, Director of Programs
(312) 750-1190 office


Alex Inman, President
Educational Collaborators
(202) 999-9824 cell

ISACS Transition to Remote Office

Dear ISACS Membership,

Like many other organizations and school communities, ISACS has been organizing a response to the coronavirus pandemic. We believe that the most responsible course of action, from a public health standpoint, is to minimize social contact in the coming weeks. Fortunately, remote work is possible for a majority of our employees. Our office remains open with most of our staff working remotely starting Monday, March 16. If you need to contact a staff member by email, please visit https://www.isacs.org/contact to find a full listing. Staff members receive voicemail notification in email as well, so feel free to leave a message if needed.

Keep an eye out for communication regarding the status of upcoming workshops and webinars, and for more video conferences to share and update plans and responses to this evolving situation. If anyone finds themselves in need of "face-to-face" meetings, we are happy to set up Zoom video conferences. We use this technology effectively and can train any employee who requests, so that all employees will be able to easily share their computer screens and documents, video-chat, and take other measures to ensure a smooth and easy meeting experience.

If you have any questions about this, please contact ISACS at info@isacs.org.

Wishing you the best during these trying times,