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Commitment to Independence

As members of the independent school community, ISACS schools are absolutely committed to providing educational excellence in a context of freedom and accountability. Member schools are independent in that they have...

  • Independent incorporation as not-for-profit institutions with clearly stated educational goals and non-discriminatory policies in admissions and employment.
  • An individually developed mission and philosophy which is the basis for the school's program.
  • A self-perpetuating board of trustees whose roles are to plan for the future, to set overall policy, to finance the school (largely through setting tuition and generating charitable giving), and to appoint the head of school.
  • An administration free to implement the mission of the school by designing and articulating its curriculum and pegagogy, and by hiring and developing a capable and qualified faculty, and by admitting students whom the school determines it can best serve.
  • A commitment to continuous institutional growth and quality manifested by participation in the rigorous and comprehensive accreditation process of ISACS.

Independence affords our schools four fundamental freedoms: to define one's mission; to admit and serve students according to the school's stated mission; to hire faculty based on the school's own criteria for excellence; and to articulate a curriculum, pedagogy, and program unique to each school's definition of excellence (without dictates from outside agencies). These concepts are sources of independent schools' strengths and serve as a model for education.

For the formal ISACS definition of independence, click here.

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