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Independent schools throughout the country and world now use the Independent School Survey for school evaluation purposes, for strategic planning, and/or for marketing research. With more than 100,000 surveys in its database, ISACS offers the country's best resource for comparing data on constituent evaluation of virtually every element of a school's operations.

ISACS Survey Team

Dawn Jenkins Klus
ISACS, Director of Accreditation

Mr. Bob Dicus
Marketing Research Technologies

Mr. Chris Everett
The Kensington Group, Inc.


Survey Orders

Call Dawn Klus at (312) 750-1190 to discuss your use of the survey. To order, download the survey order form from above, fill it out, click submit or scan and send in email to Iram Ibrahim at The ISACS survey may not be photocopied or stapled since data entry of completed surveys is processed using optical scanning equipment. Please do not alter the ISACS survey in any way, since to do so pollutes the overall database. There will be additional charges if the survey is altered or copies of the survey are used instead of the printed forms.

Additional Assistance

Additionally, schools have the option to contract with our marketing consultant for more detailed analysis and consultation. Schools have asked Chris Everett to present the results of the survey to the board, faculty, or parents, or to discuss the implications of the survey and work with specific departments such as admissions or communications. In addition, a workshop, similar to that presented at the ISACS conference, on how to review and understand the survey results has been presented for some schools preparing for an ISACS visitation. Please contact Chris Everett directly if you would like additional assistance.

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