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Year 1 

Prepare for the upcoming self-study year:

  • Select the Steering Committee Chair(s) and inform ISACS.
  • Review, revise, and affirm mission statement.
  • Update strategic planning and review the school's bylaws.
  • Update curriculum documentation.
  • Conduct a school community survey, preferably using ISACS survey instrument.
  • Collect information about alumni.
  • Schedule a kick-off workshop to launch the self-study process.
Year 2 
Year 3 
  • Submit the self-study report and a copy of the previous year's financial audit to ISACS.
  • Host an ISACS accreditation visiting team and receive the accreditation determination made by the ISACS Board of Trustees.
Year 4 
  • Prepare and submit a Reaction Report to the ISACS Accreditation Review Committee, due: 
    • September 1 following the prior year's FALL accreditation visit OR
    • March 1 following the prior year's WINTER/SPRING accreditation visit.
Year 5 
  • Schedule a professional financial audit of the current fiscal year.
Year 6 
  • Prepare and submit a Progress Report, including a copy of the previous year's financial audit, to the ISACS Accreditation Review Committee, due May 1 of Year 6.
  • In certain exigent circumstances, schools may petition to extend accreditation for three more years. See the Membership and Accreditation Guide for details.
Year 7 
  • Unless specified by ISACS, no reports are required in this year. Review school improvement that has taken place during the current cycle and begin preparations for the next cycle.

For detailed information on the accreditation cycle, see the Membership and Accreditation Guide.

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