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ISACS 2016-17 Board of Trustees

  John Farber, Chair
  Old Trail School

  Head of School
  Tel: 330-666-1118 ext. 304

  Donna Harris
  Minnehaha Academy

  Head of School
  Tel: 612-810-3878

  Ann Klotz, Immediate Past Chair
  Pro Tem

  Laurel School

  Head of School
  Tel: 216-464-1441 ext. 3000

  Edward (Ed) Kim
  Breck School

  Head of School
  Tel: 763-381-8206

  Arlyce M. Seibert, Vice Chair
  Cranbrook Schools

  Director of Schools
  Tel: 248-645-3602

  Lisa Lyle
  Mary Institute and St. Louis
  Country Day School

  Head of School
  Tel: 314-995-7402

  Pete Pullen, Treasurer 
  Eton Academy

  Head of School
  Tel: 248-642-1150 ext. 107

  John Merritt
  John Burroughs School

  Teacher and Coach
  Tel: 314-993-4040

  Alexandra S. Thurstone,

  St. Francis School

  Head of School
  Tel: 502-736-1016

  Brewster Moore
  Cranbrook Schools

  Middle School Diversity/
  Community Services Teacher
  Tel: 248-645-3602  

  Sylvie Anglin
  University of Chicago
  Laboratory Schools

  Lower School Principal
  Tel: 773-702-9448

  Wes Priest
  University High School of Indiana

  Tel: 317-733-4475

  Rob Butler
  Whitfield School

  Middle School Director
  Tel: 314-415-1269

  Rishi Raghunathan
  University School of Milwaukee

  Tel: 414-540-3413

  Bonnie Campbell
  Rivermont Collegiate

  College Counselor
  Tel: 563-359-1366 ext. 304

  Bryn Roberts
  St. Paul Academy and Summit School

  Head of School
  Tel: 651-696-1342

  MaryBeth Casey
  Eton Academy

  Upper School Teacher/
  Summer Program Director
  Tel: 248-642-1150

  Richard Sanders
  Chicago Academy for the Arts

  Board Chair
  Tel: 312-609-7644

  Deborah Chen
  Quest Academy

  Director of Finance and Operations
  Tel: 847-202-8035 x419

  Jaci Sloan
  The Lexington School

  Director of Prof. Development /
  Kindergarten Teacher
  Tel: 859-278-0501 ext. 216

  Claudia Daggett
  Independent Schools Association
  of the Central States

  President, Ex-Officio
  Tel: 312-750-1190

  Susan Sullivan
  Rossman School

  Former Board Chair
  Tel: 314-550-2200

  Luke Felker
  The Bay School of San Francisco

  Head of School
  Tel: 415-561-5800 ext. 105

  Nat Wilburn
  Sacred Heart Schools

  Head of School
  Tel: 773-681-8455

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