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Note: The Chair of the Board and the President are ex officio members of all Committees.

Reimbursement Form and Policy 

ISACS Reimbursement Policy and Form (Updated 8/15/17)
Board and Committee 2017-2018 Calendar (Updated 6/7/18)

Accreditation Review Committee (ARC)

Interprets and applies the standards of the Association, reviews all accreditation reports, recommends actions upon such reports to the Board of Trustees. Reviews all new applications for affiliation with ISACS and recommends action upon such applications to the Board. Periodically reviews the standards of membership and makes recommendations to the Board for additions, deletions, and changes. 

Committee Members, 2017-2018

Administrative Services Committee (ASC)

Focuses on the specific needs of division heads across the region; determines a variety of ways to support the growth and development of division heads, including:

  • Networking with division head in local/state sections of the region.
  • Suggesting elements to enhance the Academy for Division Heads.
  • Advancing the strategic initiative for multicultural curriculum development.
  • Sponsoring professional growth opportunities on a regional level.
  • Advising the president, the board and the director of professional development on the needs of independent school division heads.
  • Contributing to the website by providing resources for division heads.
  • Identifying challenges facing division heads and developing programs which addresses them.

Committee Members, 2017-2018
ISACS ASC Committee consideration form 2018-2021

Equity and Justice Committee (E&J)

Provides leadership to the Board of Trustees, staff, and member schools while fostering equity and justice in core values, best practices, and standards of excellence through diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion. Charge includes:

  • Assisting the entire ISACS organization in achieving the Policy Goal V in the 2003 Strategic Plan - Ensure a Deep Commitment to Multiculturalism and Equity.
  • Engaging in a comprehensive review of standards of membership in ISACS, particularly with respect to matters of equity and justice.
  • Advising the ISACS President, Board, committees, and member schools on issues of equity and justice relating to ISACS’ policies, practices, and programs.
  • Collaborating with other ISACS committees to advance shared goals and interests.
  • Collaborating with NAIS Committees and participate in the development of local, regional, or state committees concerning diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion.
  • Developing and implement programs and services to recruit, support, and therefore retain underrepresented people.
  • Creating opportunities for professional development in curriculum design, pedagogy and other topics that accomplish the mission of the Equity Committee.

Committee Members, 2017-2018

Executive Committee

Serves on behalf of the Board as needed between meetings of the full Board.

Committee Members, 2017-2018

Finance Committee

Oversees the expenses of the organization, recommends fees to be levied, monitors financial reports, and initiates and oversees the annual audit.

Committee Members, 2017-2018

Governance Review Committee

The Governance Review Committee will complete a review of ISACS leadership and governance structures, processes and procedures to suggest revisions necessary to support the current and future needs of ISACS. The Committee was formed by the Executive Committee as an outgrowth of the ISACS strategic plan and will present its recommendations to the Board.

Committee Members, 2017-2018

Professional Services Committee (PSC)

Advises the President and Board of Trustees on the needs of school faculties for Association services; to promote in-service workshops/seminars and other activities for teachers and administrators; to provide encouragement, coordination, cooperation, and support for the efforts of state/local professional services committees; and to find ways of recognizing the professional service of teachers and administrators. Goals include:

  • Networking of local/state professional development organizations.
  • Sponsoring professional growth opportunities on a regional level.
  • Advising the president, the board and the director of professional development on the needs of independent school educators.
  • Recognizing examples of outstanding teaching.

Committee Members, 2017-2018

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Serves as resource for guiding strategic planning and sustaining strategic vision of the Association. 

Committee Members, 2017-2018

Trusteeship Committee

Reviews the distribution and expertise needs of the Board in anticipation of future vacancies, prepares an annual slate of new officers and trustees for approval by the Board and election by the membership. Periodically reviews the effectiveness of the Board and individual members. 

Committee Members, 2017-2018
ISACS Board nomination form 2018-2021

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