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Note: The Chair of the Board and the ISACS Executive Director are ex officio members of all Committees.

Accreditation Review Committee (ARC)

Interprets and applies the standards of the Association, reviews all accreditation reports, and recommends action upon such reports to the Board of Trustees. Reviews all new applications for affiliation with ISACS and recommends action upon such applications to the Board of Trustees. Periodically reviews the standards of membership and makes recommendations for additions, deletions, and changes to the Board of Trustees.

Committee Members, 2018-2019

Administrative Services Committee (ASC)

Promotes the professional growth of independent school administrators.

Committee Members, 2018-2019
ISACS ASC Committee consideration form 2019-2020

Equity and Justice Committee (E&J)

Addresses diversity and equity issues as they emerge in the Association and recommends initiatives for the Association to undertake as it endeavors to reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion in itself and among the member schools.

Committee Members, 2018-2019

Executive Committee

Has and exercises in the interim between meetings of the Board of Trustees most of the powers of the Board. Assists the Executive Director as a sounding board and has a leadership role in strategic planning. Has responsibility for the evaluation of the Executive Director, involving the full board in this process and reporting a summary of such evaluation to the Board. Annually evaluates the performance of the Trusteeship Committee and reports the results to the board.

Committee Members, 2018-2019

Finance Committee

Oversees the expenses of the organization, recommend fees to be levied, monitors all financial reports, and initiates and oversees the annual audit.

Committee Members, 2018-2019

Professional Services Committee (PSC)

Advises the Executive Director and Board of Trustees on the needs of school faculties for Association services; promotes professional development for teachers and administrators; provides encouragement, coordination, cooperation, and support for the efforts of state/local professional services committees; and finds ways of recognizing the professional service of teachers and administrators.

Committee Members, 2018-2019

Trusteeship Committee

Adopts criteria for Officer, Board, and Committee membership, reviews the distribution and expertise needs of the board and its committees and officers in anticipation of future vacancies, solicits nominations for anticipated vacancies, and prepares an annual slate of new officers and trustees for approval by the board and election by the membership. Seeks input from the board in the preparation of its nomination of ISACS officers and trustees. Periodically reviews the effectiveness of the board and its committees, including their individual members.

Holds the following additional responsibilities with respect to all Board committees, except for the Executive Committee: appointment of committee chairs from among the trustees and committee members following consultation with the current committee chair and the Executive Director and in accordance with published criteria which respond to the current needs of ISACS; overseeing the development, periodic review and updating by the committee chair of short and long term goals for the work of the committees; approval of the charge of each committee which should be regularly reviewed and updated by the committee chair; and determination of the size of each committee, the terms of committee membership which may vary from time to time depending upon a committee’s workload, the need for specific skills or viewpoints, and budgetary considerations.

Committee Members, 2018-2019
ISACS Board nomination form 2018-2021

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