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ISACS is pleased to offer a wide range of services and resources to our members.

A Highly Respected Accreditation Program

In a typical semester ISACS organizes approximately 135 visiting team members for 20 school visits. ISACS provides:

  • A full-scale accreditation program for each member school every seven years, conducted by a team of highly respected teachers and administrators
  • Detailed reports on school visits to guide program development and strategic planning for schools
  • Accreditiation services to over 500 schools since such services began in 1961

Professional Development

With a tradition of excellence in the area of professional development, ISACS continually strives to offer innovative learning events on a full range of topics using a variety of formats.

  • A two-day annual conference featuring leading international experts in education and related fields
  • Multiple day-long workshops, each with a focus on current trends and research in varied educational topics
  • Several two-day events which provide for an extended conversation around specific topics
  • A formal leadership role for teachers through service as the school’s ISACS Representative (see Role of the ISACS Rep)
  • Updated and ever-changing resources on the ISACS website which include recommended reading, articles and handouts, and links to additional professional information
  • An annual institute dedicated to New Teachers
  • An annual conference dedicated to Heads of School
  • An annual conference dedicated to Division Heads
  • A Diversity Summit occuring every other year dedicated to the support and extension of diversity and equity initiatives at the school level
  • Multiple webinar presentations which provide a cost-effective and  efficient format for professional presentations and conversations
  • The opportunity to serve on accreditation visiting teams
  • The invitation to provide feedback to ISACS regarding the learning needs of those in member schools
  • Consultations with ISACS staff members
  • The opportunity to provide feedback related to the professional growth needs at the school

Consulting Services

ISACS provides direct and immediate support for members who are confronting difficult issues as well as in-depth and sustained support in developing programs of excellence. ISACS offers consultations on the following topics.

Resources and Information

Clear, accurate, informative data is essential for planning, implementation and evaluation of programs. ISACS communicates with members regularly through several venues.

  • A library of resources on our website, including monographs on topics germane to independent school leadership, governance, and operations.
  • Research-based collection of regional statistics on enrollment tuition, salaries, budgets, annual giving, enrollment, attrition, etc.
  • Periodic communications to heads of schools containing professional and legal information, as well as news from member schools.
  • "Hotline" assistance at info@isacs.org for schools, administrators, faculty members, the media, prospective students and parents, etc.

A Strong Collegial Community

ISACS members have immediate access to a strong network of colleagues committed to supporting one another in advancing all aspects of the independent school experience.

  • A democratic governance structure with teachers and administrative representation on the ISACS Board of Trustees
  • Liaison with and access to national, regional and state associations such as the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), The Council for American Private Education (CAPE), the College Board, and a variety of other independent school organizations.
  • Assistance with marketing through strong advocacy for independent education
  • An annual conference specifically for school heads on current independent school trends


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