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The purpose of DRAC is to encourage schools to study their program areas in greater depth than the current ISACS seven-year self-study and visiting team reports, and to allow schools to incorporate systematic and thorough study of their program areas into the ISACS accreditation process.


DRAC uses the years 3-7 of the ISACS accreditation cycle for self-studies of two or three program areas per year. These studies consist of an overview section, three or more sections devoted to concentrated investigation of issues/questions/themes identified by the school, and a conclusion containing strengths, challenges, plans and priorities. Visiting teams come to campus the following year (years 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7,1) of the ISACS accreditation cycle), consisting of three persons for each program area. These visiting team reports also consist of an overview, three or more sections devoted to each issue, and a conclusion containing major commendations and recommendations. The department then writes a reaction report and, if desired, reports the findings directly to the faculty and board of trustees.

DRAC program areas are exempt from the all-school self-study and visiting team study in years 2 and 3. Rather, the in-depth program area self-studies, visiting team reports, and reaction reports from years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 1 are made available to the all-school visiting team. A curriculum overview is the only program report needed in the Year 2 self-study, unless some program areas have been neglected. When the visiting team is organized, only one member must be assigned to review the overview and the DRAC work of the previous seven years to verify and approve its value. Because the team will be less than half the normal size, DRAC streamlines and significantly lowers costs of the seven year all-school visit in Year 3. (Costs over seven years will be higher but spread out.)


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