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Post-Event Resources

ISACS will post resources from recent conferences, workshops and learning bridge webinars as they become available. If you are looking for a past resource and do not see it posted on the website, please contact us.



We hope you enjoyed ISACS' 2018 Academy for New Division Heads at the ISACS Office in Chicago, IL. Please find the post conference speaker resources for the 2018 ISACS Academy for New Division Heads. If you have any questions, please call the ISACS office at 312-750-1190.

Barbara Braham

  • Click here for Making the case for a developmental perspective PDF
  • Click here to Future Trends in Leadership Development PDF

Dave Mochel

  • Click here for Working Peacefully & Productively with Resistance PDF
  • Click here for the online version of Dave's presentation

Ken Rogers

  • Click here for the Real Life Communication Strategies for New Division Heads Presentation



ISACS Update, Data & Discussion

Out the Door: What We Can Learn from Abrupt Departures from Headship



We hope you enjoyed ISACS' 2018 Academy for Division Heads with Diversity Practitioners/Allies at the Swissotel in Chicago, IL. Please find the post conference speaker resources just below. If you have any questions, please call the ISACS office at 312-750-1190.

Caroline Blackwell

Rodney Glasgow

  • Click here for session materials and resources in a combined PDF

Rosetta Lee

  • Click here to access the session website for the materials and resources

Eboo Patel



We hope you enjoyed ISACS' 2018 Heads Conference at the Swissotel in Chicago, IL. To date, we have received the following speaker handouts and other links to resources. They are listed alphabetically by presenter. If you have any questions, please call the ISACS office at 312-750-1190.

Maureen Costello

Claudia Daggett, Dawn Klus & Liz Hofreuter

Aimee Gruber

Liz Hofreuter & Luke Felker

Harry M. Kraemer, Jr.

Donna Orem

Donna Orem & Debra Wilson



Thank you for attending Trustee Day on Thursday, November 9.  Below please find Trustee Day handouts provided by the presenters. If you have any questions, please call the ISACS office at 312-750-1190.


Cathy Trower, Trower & Trower

  • Click here for Heads & Board Chairs: Leading in a Complex Era (8:15 -9:15 am session)
  • Click here for Great Governance in Complex Times (9:30 – 11:30 am session)

Amy Blankson, GoodThink

  • Click here to The Future of Happiness - download suggested takeaways (Thursday Keynote Luncheon)

Jeff Shields, National Business Officers Association (NBOA)

  • Click here for Business Intelligence for Independent Schools (1:30 – 3:30 pm session)



We hope you enjoyed the 2017 Annual Conference: Blazing a Trail to Learning on November 9-10 in Chicago. We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Annual Conference "Blazing a Trail to Learning 2" in Detroit, MI on November 8-9, 2018. To date, we have received the following speaker handouts and other links to resources. Resources are listed alphabetically by presenter. If you have any questions, please call the ISACS office at 312-750-1190.

We will continue to post resources as they are received. Please note not all presenters have provided us with their presentations or resources.


Sam Chaltain, WONDER, by Design

  • Click here for F-3 Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality & The Future of Learning, F-32 Emergent Leadership, & F-60 Exploring Physical Space as the Third Teacher

Dana Fattore Crumley & Nicki Bazer, Franczek Radelet PC

  • Click here for T-41 Preventing Litigation & Defending Claims

Cris Cullinan, ALiVE: Actual Leadership in Vital Equity

  • Click here for F-4 Seeking Cultural Competence in Hiring: Attract the Best Candidates 
  • Click here for F-30 Seeking Cultural Competence in Hiring: Make an Interview Question Effective
  • Click here for F-58 Seeking Cultural Competence in Hiring: Effective Questions for Applications, Interviews & References
  • Click here for F-84 Seeking Cultural Competence in Hiring: Search Committees & the Integrity of Your Process 

Edward (Ned) Hallowell,

  • Click here for F-57 The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness
  • Click here for F-83 Unwrapping the Gifts of ADHD and 10 tips for teachers

Grace Lee, National Business Officers Association (NBOA)

  • Click here for T-23 & T-42 The Value of Performance Management for Independent Schools 

Ken Rogers, Charlotte Christian School​

  • Click here for T-40 & F- 54(A) Saying Hard Things
  • Click here for T-22 & T-55 Surviving a Bear Attack 

Bob Sornson, Early Learning Foundation

  • Click here for F-6 The Self-Regulation Classroom: Early Childhood, Lower & Middle School
  • Click here for F-86 Number Sense & a Love of Math for Life: Early Childhood & Lower School

Dan St. Romain, Educational Consultant

  • Please contact the ISACS office if you would like access to Dan St. Romain’s 2017 Annual Conference post conference resources.

Homa Tavangar, Global Education Adviser & Author​

Michael Thompson, Author and School Consultant

  • Click here for F-1 and F-56 Parents Who Insist Their Child is Being Bullied (Even though the School Doesn’t See it) * with Daisy Pellant, Breck School
  • Click here for F-29 How the Professionalization of High School Sports Has Changed the Psychology of Parents 
  • Click here for F-82 The Impact of the Loss of Free, Undirected Play in Childhood

Lisa Van Gemert, Gifted Guru

  • Click here for T-3 and T-18 Teaching Like Lucy: 5-Minute Interventions to Calm Students & Build Relationships
  • Click here for T-36 Creativity Prescription
  • Click here for T-52 The Global Trifecta: How Microlending, the Peace Corps & a Postcard Can Open Classrooms to the World


Maggie Allison and James Wallace
Click here for T-26 Break from Tradition: Risk-taking for Teacher & Student Growth

Barbara Applebaum & Rachel Jury
Click here for T-63 Creating Design Thinkers in Middle School

Kiran Awan
Click here for T-57 Encouraging Independent Learning in the Classroom

Judy Bloch
Click here for T-33 Writing the School’s Self-Study

Shea Davis
Click here for T-11 Reframing PBL: What Does Inquiry Look Like in English Class?

Eric Engel
Click here for T-62 Creative Spelling

Kevin Gailey and Becky Knapp
Click here for T-43 Dewey, IBM, Apple & the Brain of Tomorrow

Kate Gay and Rishi Raghunathan
Click here for T-24 Compass 9: Leadership, Innovation & Real-World Skills

Kate Gay and Laurie Walczak
Click here for T-64 Capstones: Experiential Ed, Maker Ed & Academic Rigor

Annabel Hasty
Click here for ​T-58 Rockin’ Out with 3D Printing, Laser Cutting & Podcasting

Paul Hedlund and Ty Stuckslager
Click here for T-31 Cultivating a Growth Mindset through Mathematics 

Jan Jacobi
Click here for T-10 Abraham Lincoln & George Washington for Young Adults 

Carol Kelly
Click here for T-8 Using Visible Thinking Routines for Diversity Teaching

Jackie Miller and Sarah Vaughn
Click here for T-9 Creating a School That Genuinely Learns Together

Stacy Nockowitz and Cindy Zive
Click here for T-46 Fact or Fake? Information Literacy in a Post-truth World

Alec Synakowski
Click here for T-6 Learn to Fly: What Education Can Learn from Aviation

John Thornburg and  Amy Karsten
Click here for T-44 Repairing Student Relational Breakdowns 


Robert Ause and Ruth Miller
Click here for F-104 Access to Real Data Makes STEM a Reality 

Richard Beall and Natasha Jones
Click here for F-100 Deep Education: An Unexpected Exploration

Laura Berdine
Click here for F-102 Collaboration in the Mathematics Classroom

Matthew Bolton and Nick Francis
Click here for F-42 Let’s Get Real: Building an Experiential Learning Curriculum

Brian Bozanich
Click here for F-91 Think Theatre, Make Music, Paint Pictures, Create Community

Carolyn Bradley & Alicia LaMagdeleine
Click here for F-11 How to Avoid the Winter Blues: Innovations in Education

Christine Bugnitz & Veronique Gardet
Click here for F-47 Combining Language & PE: An Approach to Teaching French

Julie Cartwright and Geoff Skadra
Click here for F-70 Journey Mapping: Mapping Your School’s Customer Service

Mary Catherine Coleman and  Annette Lesak
Click here for F-15 21st Century Libraries: Space & Beyond

Mark Childs and Jake Eaton
Click here for F-49 Writing as Thinking Across the Curriculum

Angela Conway and Sara Carrico
Click here for F-74 Meaningful Movement in the Classroom 

Julia de la Torre

  • Click here for F-68 Exploring Global Citizenship Through Armchair Philanthropy
  • Click here for F-68 LiveBinder

Sarah Flotten & Sky Fauver
Click here for F-17 Adding Neuroplasticity to Students’ Vernacular—Seriously 

Jennifer Gabrys and Cheri Dobbs
Click here for F-103 Risky Business: How to Develop Independent Learners

Tracey Joyce and Ann Marie Zeimetz
Click here for F-71 Easy Maker Ideas to Support Design Thinking in Literacy: K-3

Michelle Lerner and Shelli Drumm
Click here for F-106 Global Education: An Exploration of the World & Its People

James McGuire, David Moeckler and Danielle Gershon
Click here for F-28 Planning, Supporting & Publishing the Self Study for Accreditation 

Erica Posthuma-Adams
Click here for F-105 Supporting Student Learning with Standards-based Learning

Susan Prater
Click here for F-50 Empower Students: Change the World Through Critical Literacy

Eve Rudolph and Alyssa Finneyfrock
Click here for F-93 Time Well Spent: From After School Programs to Summer Camp

Carrie Ruhrkraut and Mindy Byrnes
Click here for F-25 Planning an Effective Outdoor Immersion Week

Duane Rutherford and Joe Sevenz
Click here for F-10 Focus on Retention or Retire Our Colors

Diane Schael & Lynn Martin
Click here for F-53 Storytelling: An Essential Tool in Marketing Your School

Keith Sklar
Click here for F-24 Shifting Borders: Art Lessons Across Subject & Discipline

Keith Sklar and Montserrat Alsina
Click here for F-48 Up in the Air: Planned, Scaffolded & in the Moment 

Jana Smith and Paula Apostolou
Click here for F-12 Creating a Culture of Teacher Growth & Renewal

Kimberly Spampinato
Click here for F-99 Empathy & Social Emotional Learning: Measuring Your School’s Emotional GPA 

Kate Tabor and Steve Files
Click here for F-22 Connecting Students & Curriculum Through Design Thinking

Benjamin Tierney
Click here for F-75 Professional Growth through Connected Processes

Matthew Troutman
Click here for F-77 Information Literacy: The New Skill We Need to Practice

Nancy Watson and Andy Sperling
Click here for F-18 Student-led Conference & Social Emotional Learning Connections

Bridget York
Click here for F-20 Fail Safe: Creating a Culture that Accepts Risks & Mistakes

Rosanne Zabloudil
Click here for F-46 iPads? Yes, Please! Using iPads to Enhance Student Learning

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