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Post-Event Resources

ISACS will post resources from recent conferences, workshops and learning bridge webinars as they become available. If you are looking for a past resource and do not see it posted on the website, please contact us.


Look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Annual Conference, Doing, Designing, Connecting & Thinking in St. Paul, MN on November 5-6, 2015. 

We hope you enjoyed ISACS' 2014 Annual Conference, New Ways to Teach, New Ways to Learn 2

To date, we have received the following speaker handouts and other links to resources. Resources are listed alphabetically by presenter. Please check back periodically as we will continue adding handouts as they are received.

If you have any questions, please call the ISACS office at 312-750-1190.


Jennifer Abrams
Click here for T-38 & T-51 Communications Basics presentation
Click here for T-3 & T-20 Having Hard Conversations presentation

Lucy Gray
Click here for F-3, F-22, F-40, & F-57 presentation

Gaye Gronlund
Click here for F-24 & F-59 Assessment presentation
Click here for F-5 & F-42 Playful Learning presentation

Ralph King and Susie Wise
Click here for T-34 & F-1 presentation

Grant Lichtman
Click here for T-5, T-22, T-42, & T-54 presentation

Sylvia Martinez
Click here for T-40, T-53, F-6, & F-26

Michael Thompson
Click here for F-2 Best Friends
Click here for F-21 Dealing with Difficult Parents Handouts
Click here for F-39 Pressured Child
Click here for F-56 Teaching Boys

Judy Willis
Click here for T-2 Capturing and Sustaining
Click here for T-19 How Emotion
Click here for T-37 Constructing Understanding
Click here for T-51 Strengthening Students Executive


Jamie Back
Click here for T-6 Tablets & Digital Ink in the Math Classroom

Jamie Back & Paula Butler
Click here for T-59 Enhancing Traditional STEM Courses with Engineering Design

Cameron Basden & Matthew Lindstrom
Click here for F-67 A Tale of Assessment

Nikki Bishop Kallmeyer 
Click here for T-13  Fostering Resilience Through a Growth Mindset

Diane Borgmann & Jamie MacDougall 
Click here for F-28 Faculty Evaluation Focused on Professional Growth

Kati Burrows & Teha Cobler
Click here for F-31 Achieving Balanced Literacy without a 90 Minute block

Courtney Cavellier
Click here for F-9 Why Should Independent Schools Consider Blended Learning?

Deborah Chudzynski
Click here for T-47 Advisory: Meeting the Needs of Your Students

Leslie Dilley, Shari Wolfe and Jennifer Fitzer
Click here for F-19 The Successful ADHD Classroom

Danielle Filas
Click here for T-44 Just Google It! Search Literacy for the Connected Educator
Click here for Web Resoruces 

Erica Foster
Click here for F-34 The Growth Mindset Classroom

Jeff Gaw
Click here for F-71 Making STEM Work: An Integrated Approach

Toni Hillman
Click here for F-47 Houston, We Have a Problem

Kelly Hincks and Lisa Morgan
Click here for F-53 Great Books for Teaching

Amy Karsten and John Thornburg
Click here for T-10 Teaching Boys, Strategies for Relational Learners: Strategies for Teachers
Click here for T-28 Teaching Boys, Strategies for Relational Learners: Relational School Design for Administrators

Amy Landry & Kathy Iatarola
Click here for F-51 Creating Connections With QR Codes

Jaime Lassman
Click here for F-65 The Next Big Thing in Learning is Your Mission Statement

Jaime Lassman & Marty Park
Click here for F-45 Screen Time: Get Instruction Right

Denise Lessow & Britta Goetz
Click here for F-70 Full STEAM Ahead for Students with Learning Differences

Nicole Lucyk & Deidre McCain
Click here for T-62 An Innovative Student-Led Tech Support Center

Motoko Maegawa and Chris Ambroso
Click here for T-32 Cultivating a Community that Promotes Equity

Kirstin Northenscold 
Click here for T-60 The Cool Bus: Engaged Learning Though Design and Access

Erica Posthuma-Adams
Click here for T-14 Modeling: Pedagogy and Practice

Emily Stout & Flora Garnett-Platt
Click here for F-29 Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Tyrone Thayer
Click here for T-46 The Next Generation of Authors: Interactive iBooks


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