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Consulting Services


Learning new strategies and solving dilemmas usually succeeds best through face-to-face interaction. Just as excellent teachers will continue to be a primary determinant of our students' most rewarding learning experiences, expert consultants provide highly valued professional development for administrators and teachers. ISACS offers member schools expert consulting services through varied sources, at no charge other than expenses.



Area of Expertise Forum for Delivery
Claudia Daggett, President
  • School Leadership
  • Governance & Board Development


  • Meetings with Trustees
  • Faculty Presentations and Workshops
  • New School Visits
  • Conferences
Kevin Rooney, Accreditation Services
  • School Self-study Process
  • Strategic Planning
  • Accreditation
  • Preparation
  • Meetings with Heads
  • Visiting Team Trainings
  • Accreditation "Kick-Off"
  • Workshops
Jill Webb, Director of Professional Development
  • Mentoring Program for New Teachers
  • Faculty Leadership
  • Development of Teacher Services Committees
  • Development of Teacher Representative
  • Meetings with Teachers
  • Services Committees
  • Institutes
  • Workshops
Equity Committee
  • Establishing Curricula in Diversity Education
  • Anti-Bias Training
  • Youth Leadership
  • Regional workshops
Chris Everett, Statistician
  • Statistical Analysis of ISACS Survey
  • Workshops
  • Consultations
ISACS Corporate Sponsors and Consultants  
  • Services
  • Consultations


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